Chen Lin

🌿🐑 Meet MATLAMB 🐑🌿

Chen Lin on 24 May 2024
Latest activity Reply by Cristian on 9 Jun 2024

Drumlin Farm has welcomed MATLAMB, named in honor of MathWorks, among ten adorable new lambs this season!
Cristian on 9 Jun 2024
it´s lovely
Vinay Ramesh
Vinay Ramesh on 30 May 2024
Yay! @Victoria's Happy sheep finally found someone to go on vacation with her.
Victoria on 31 May 2024
That's great! MATLAMB is so cute! MATLAMB and Happy Sheep will be friends for sure! Now they could go on vacations together! Happy Sheep is even happier than usual to meet MATLAMB!
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 25 May 2024
She's cute, but she needs a MATLAB bandana around her neck. Are they available in the online MATLAB store? 🤔 My dog needs one too. Let's see a photo of her brother or sister, "Simulamb". They might consider changing their name from Drumlin Farms to "The Lambworks". 😁
Chen Lin
Chen Lin on 26 May 2024
'Simulamb' is a good idea! Unfortunately, we don't have a MATLAB bandana in our store.
Bera on 25 May 2024
idris on 4 Jun 2024
Is this connected with 'MATHWORKS'?
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 4 Jun 2024
@idris It is. Drumlin Farm is part of Mass Audubon and Mass Audubon is one of the local STEM institutions that MathWorks supports via the Local Community Support part of our Social Mission.
idris on 4 Jun 2024

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