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Downloading of previous versions has been added to File Exchange

David on 15 Oct 2020 (Edited on 19 Nov 2020)
Latest activity Reply by Rik on 16 Oct 2020

File Exchange now offers the ability to download/restore previous versions of community contributed files. It's often a good practice to always update your software to the latest version, however there are times when this isn't always helpful. Sometimes a software update can break or alter something you've been relying on, in these cases you'll want to stick with the version that's working for you. This is why we've added the ability to download previous versions in File Exchange.

Using Version History

Navigate to any community member file and then click the View Version History link that appears above the Download button. This will show you a list of the previous versions contributed by the submission author. Each version will have a corresponding download button, date, version number, and a description of the changes made for that update.

Let us know what you think about this new feature by replying below.

Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson on 16 Oct 2020


(Small plea for something similar: would it be possible to have a version-changes in the online documentation for the matlab-functions? The other day I tried to figure out when/if the behaviour of a matlab-function (possibly importdata) had changed, but it was not important enough to browse through all the updates-information for all previous releases. The release-updates are right for learning about new and modified behaviour from one release to the next but not for looking for the evolution of a specific function...)

Rik on 16 Oct 2020

Some documentation pages do have something like that: imclose has a compatibility consideration section. You can browse old documentation, but it is so difficult that I had a plan to create a comparison utility to allow side by side viewing. I gave up on it after they took several old releases offline. For me it is easier to just write a test function than to check in the doc when function behavior changed.

Howard Labido
Howard Labido on 16 Oct 2020

That's great. Always hoping for this function!

Howard Labido
Howard Labido on 16 Oct 2020

That's great. Always hoping for this function!

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 15 Oct 2020

Great improvement. Kudos to the FEX team. The "View Version History" could be more visible IMO.

Rik on 15 Oct 2020

Maybe that could be achieved by changing the text of the download button to 'download latest version' or something similar.

Rik on 15 Oct 2020

This is good progress. I hope the next update will be a way to specify dependencies that will automatically be downloaded alongside the submission. (although I can imagine the implementation would be very tricky when considering the github integration)

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