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Pacific Ocean Temperature Change Since 1950

Hans Scharler on 3 May 2021
Latest activity Reply by guernina hamza on 28 Sep 2021

Climate Data Toolbox was developed by Chad Greene, a postdoctoral research fellow at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Kelly Kearney, a research scientist at University of Washington. The Climate Data Toolbox is freely downloadable from File Exchange and has been downloaded over 5,000 times since 2019.

The toolbox was inspired by one big idea: There are a common set of tasks related to data processing, analysis and visualization that Geoscience researchers and students working with climate data typically perform. Greene and coauthors make the case in their paper published in Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems that having everyone who is tackling climate analysis separately recoding these same tasks is not a good use of time, for the individual or the collective, as it takes away from other more innovative climate work. Better to have a set of reusable, publicly shared functions for those repetitive tasks.

Recently, Lisa Kempler published an example of how to look at the change in temperature of the Pacific Ocean over time using MATLAB and the Climate Data Toolbox.

Try the example here by loading up MATLAB, installing the Climate Data Toolbox, and following along the tutorial.

guernina hamza
guernina hamza on 28 Sep 2021


guernina hamza
guernina hamza on 27 Sep 2021


guernina hamza
guernina hamza on 11 Sep 2021


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