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eye(3) - diag(ones(1,3))
0 ./ ones(3)
cos(repmat(pi/2, [3,3]))
A(3, 3) = 0
mtimes([1;1;0], [0,0,0])
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Hey MATLAB Community! 🌟
As we continue to explore, learn, and innovate together, it's essential to take a moment to recognize the remarkable contributions that have sparked engaging discussions, solved perplexing problems, and shared insightful knowledge in the past two weeks. Let's dive into the highlights that have made our community even more vibrant and resourceful.

Interesting Questions

Burhan Burak brings up an intriguing issue faced when running certain code in MATLAB, seeking advice on how to refactor the code to eliminate a warning message. It's a great example of the practical challenges we often encounter
Jenni asks for guidance on improving linear models to fit data points more accurately. This question highlights the common hurdles in data analysis and model fitting, sparking a conversation on best practices and methodologies.

Popular Discussions

A thought-provoking question posed by goc3 that delves into the intricacies of MATLAB's logical operations. It's a great discussion starter that tests and expands our understanding of MATLAB's behavior.
Toshiaki Takeuchi shares an insightful visualization of the demand for MATLAB jobs across different regions, based on data from LinkedIn. This post not only provides a snapshot of the job market but also encourages members to discuss trends in MATLAB's use in the industry.

From the Blogs

Mike Croucher shares his excitement and insights on two long-awaited features finally making their way into MATLAB R2024a. His post reflects the passion and persistence of our community members in enhancing MATLAB's functionality.
In this informative post, Sivylla Paraskevopoulou offers practical tips for speeding up the training of deep learning models. It's a must-read for anyone looking to optimize their deep learning workflows.
A Heartfelt Thank You 🙏
To everyone who asked a question, started a discussion, or wrote a blog post: Thank you! Your contributions are what make our community a fountain of knowledge, inspiration, and innovation. Let's keep the momentum going and continue to support each other in our journey to explore the vast universe of MATLAB.
Happy Coding!
Note: If you haven't yet, make sure to check out these highlights and add your voice to our growing community. Your insights and experiences are what make us stronger.
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Congratulations, @Fangjun Jiang for achieving 10K reputation points.
You reached this milestone by providing valuable contribution to the community since you started answering questions in Since September 2011.
You were very active in the first year, and took some break, but you steadily rose ranks in the recent years to achieve this milestone.
You provided 3954 answers and received 1503 votes. You are ranked #25 in the community. Thank you for your contribution to the community and please keep up the good track record!
MATLAB Central Team
In honor of National Pet Day on April 11th, we're excited to announce a fun contest that combines two of our favorite things: our beloved pets and our passion for MATLAB/Simulink! Whether you're a cat enthusiast, a dog lover, or a companion to any other pet, we invite you to join in the fun and showcase your creativity.
How to Participate:
  • Take a photo of your pet featuring any element of MATLAB/Simulink.
  • Post it in the Fun channel of the Discussions area.
  • Include a brief description or story behind the photo - we love to hear about your pets and your creative process!
🏆 Prizes:
We will be selecting 3 winners for this contest, and each winner will receive a MathWorks T-shirt or hat! Winners will be chosen based on creativity, originality, and how well they incorporate the MATLAB/Simulink element into their photo.
📅Important Dates:
Contest ends on April 12th, 2024, at 11:59:59 pm, Eastern Time
We can't wait to see all of your adorable and creative pet photos. Let's celebrate National Pet Day in true MathWorks style. Good luck, and most importantly, have fun!

Toshiaki Takeuchi
Toshiaki Takeuchi
Last activity on 1 Apr 2024 at 17:27

Looking for 10 candidates for a closed beta on new MATLAB live script features.
Do you use live scripts regularly in MATLAB? Do you collaborate with others using live scripts?
MathWorks is looking for 10 candidates for a closed beta on new features for live scripts. Help us develop exciting new features with your feedback.
Please apply via this web form. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TTComm
If you are selected, you will receive an email invitation to sign an NDA
I will post here when the quota is filled
The image was created with DALL-E 3.
Hello, brilliant minds of our engineering community!
We hope this message finds you in the midst of an exciting project or, perhaps, deep in the realms of a challenging problem, because we've got some groundbreaking news that might just make your day a whole lot more interesting.
🎉 Introducing PreAnswer AI - The Future of Community Support! 🎉
Have you ever found yourself pondering over a complex problem, wishing for an answer to magically appear before you even finish formulating the question? Well, wish no more! The MathWorks team, in collaboration with the most imaginative minds from the realms of science fiction, is thrilled to announce the launch of PreAnswer AI, an unprecedented feature set to revolutionize the way we interact within our MATLAB and Simulink community.
What is PreAnswer AI?
PreAnswer AI is our latest AI-driven initiative designed to answer your questions before you even ask them. Yes, you read that right! Through a combination of predictive analytics, machine learning, and a pinch of engineering wizardry, PreAnswer AI anticipates the challenges you're facing and provides you with solutions, insights, and code snippets in real-time.
How Does It Work?
  • Presentiment Algorithms: By simply logging into MATLAB Central, our AI begins to analyze your recent coding patterns, activity, and even the intensity of your keyboard strokes to understand your current state of mind.
  • Predictive Insights: Using a complex algorithm, affectionately dubbed "The Oracle", PreAnswer AI predicts the questions you're likely to ask and compiles comprehensive answers from our vast database of resources.
  • Efficiency and Speed: Imagine the time saved when the answers to your questions are already waiting for you. PreAnswer AI ensures you spend more time innovating and less time searching for solutions.
We are on the cusp of deploying PreAnswer AI in a beta phase and are eager for you to be among the first to experience its benefits. Your feedback will be invaluable as we refine this feature to better suit our community's needs.
Spoiler, it's April 1st if you hadn't noticed. While we might not (yet) have the technology to read minds or predict the future, we do have an incredible community filled with knowledgeable, supportive members ready to tackle any question you throw their way.
Let's continue to collaborate, innovate, and solve complex problems together, proving that while AI can do many things, the power of a united community of brilliant minds is truly unmatched.
Thank you for being such a fantastic part of our community. Here's to many more questions, answers, and shared laughs along the way.
Happy April Fools' Day!
Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler
Last activity on 29 Mar 2024 at 15:20

More than 500,000 people have subscribed to the MATLAB channel. MathWorks would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to watch one of our videos, leave us a comment, or share our videos with others. Together we’re accelerating the pace of engineering and science.
s = ['M','A','T','L','A','B']
"MAT" + "LAB"
upper(char('matlab' - '0' + 48))
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Hey MATLAB Community! 🌟
March has been bustling with activity on MATLAB Central, bringing forth a treasure trove of insights, innovations, and fun. Whether you're delving into the intricacies of spline conversions or seeking inspiration from Pi Day celebrations, there's something for everyone.
Here’s a roundup of the top posts from the past few weeks that you won't want to miss:
Interesting questions
Dive into the technicalities of converting spline forms with a focus on calculating coefficients. A must-read for anyone dealing with spline representations.
Explore the challenges and solutions in tuning autopilot gains within a non-linear model of a business jet aircraft.
Popular discussions
Celebrate Pi Day with cool MATLAB implementations and code. A delightful read filled with π-inspired creativity.
Get a glimpse of fun with MATLAB through an engaging visual shared by Athanasios. A light-hearted thread that showcases the fun side of mathematics.
From File Exchange
Unlock the secrets of global climate data with MATLAB. This thread offers tools and insights for analyzing precipitation variability.
Interact with a numerical puddle in real-time and explore the dynamics of disturbances. A fascinating exploration of fluid dynamics simulation.
From the Blogs
Revisit Pi Day with Jiro's picks of the coolest π visualizations. A post that combines art, math, and the joy of exploration.
Discover the synergy between MATLAB and Visual Studio Code, enhanced by GitHub Copilot support. A game-changer for MATLAB developers.
These threads are just the tip of the iceberg. Each post is a gateway to new knowledge, ideas, and community connections. Dive in, explore, and don't forget to contribute your insights and questions. Together, we make MATLAB Central a vibrant hub of innovation and support.
Happy Coding!
Adam Danz
Adam Danz
Last activity on 14 Mar 2024

The Matlab r2020b release introduces the new horizontal ('_') and vertical (' | ') line marker symbols that are centered around the coordinate similarly to the plus marker ('+').
See the attached Live Script to reproduce all plots in this post.
Use case example 1: Days in August 2020 that COVID-19 cases (vertical ticks) and number of tests (horizontal ticks) increased from the previous day in countries with populations greater than 100M (4 countries eliminated for incomplete data).
Use case example 2: (An alternative to stacked bar plots) Number of power outages in 2005 across regions of the USA, broken down by calendar quarters.
The File Exchange team is thrilled to introduce a more streamlined approach to working with GitHub and File Exchange - the MATLAB and Simulink Integration for GitHub!
Key Enhancements:
- Improves the existing connection between File Exchange and GitHub, ensuring quicker reflection of changes made in GitHub within File Exchange.
- Aligns with GitHub's standard and supported approach to building integrations.
Action Required for File Exchange Contributors!
If you are a File Exchange contributor and have linked any submissions to GitHub, it is essential to install the App.
Starting April 16, 2024, your File Exchange submissions will no longer update automatically unless you take the following steps:
1. Visit your My File Exchange page.
2. Follow the prompts on the page to install MATLAB and Simulink Integration for GitHub.
3. Complete the necessary steps in GitHub.
4. Return to the My File Exchange page and verify the installation.
A detailed description of the process is available here.
If you prefer your File Exchange submission not to update automatically from GitHub, no action is required. Users will still be able to find and download your submissions. However, to release a new version of your code, you must either install the GitHub App or disconnect from GitHub and manually upload new versions of your code.
Should you have any questions or encounter issues with the App, please feel free to comment on this post!
The MATLAB AI Chat Playground is now open to the whole community! Answer questions, write first draft MATLAB code, and generate examples of common functions with natural language.
The playground features a chat panel next to a lightweight MATLAB code editor. Use the chat panel to enter natural language prompts to return explanations and code. You can keep chatting with the AI to refine the results or make changes to the output.
MATLAB AI Chat Playground
Give it a try, provide feedback on the output, and check back often as we make improvements to the model and overall experience.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst
Last activity on 1 Mar 2024

Big congratulations to @VBBV for achieving the remarkable milestone of 3,000 reputation points, earning the prestigious title of Editor within our community.
This achievement is a testament to @VBBV's exceptional contributions and steadfast commitment to the community. These efforts have also been endorsed by fellow top contributors, underscoring the value and impact of @VBBV's expertise.
Welcome to the Editors' Club, @VBBV – we are excited to witness and support your continued journey and influence within our community!
Image Analyst
Image Analyst
Last activity on 16 Feb 2024

American style football
Soccer / football
tennis or golf
rugby, track, cricket, racing, etc.
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We are excited to unveil the ‘Open in MATLAB Online from File Exchange’ feature, which offers MATLAB users a new way to open File Exchange content!
Previously, to experiment with File Exchange code, you were required to download the file and execute it in MATLAB. But now, there's a quicker and easier way to explore the code!
You will find the ‘Open in MATLAB Online’ button next to the ‘Download’ button (see the screenshot below). A simple click transports you directly into the MATLAB Online workflow. It's that straightforward and effortless.
We strongly encourage you to try this new feature. Please share your questions, comments, or ideas by responding to this post!