DSP Builder for Intel FPGAs

Auto-generate HDL for Intel FPGAs in a Model-Based Design Workflow


  • Target Intel FPGAs without hardware design experience
  • High-quality automatic code generation, implementation, and verification
  • Auto-generate SystemVerilog or VHDL from Simulink models
  • Single environment to design algorithm and set desired data rate, clock frequency, and target device
  • Address last minute design specification changes in minutes 
  • Shorten DSP design cycles 
  • Flexible “white-box” Fast Fourier transform (FFT) toolkit allows users to build custom FFTs
  • Includes a library of optimized Intel FPGA hardware and DSP building blocks for Simulink


DSP Builder for Intel® FPGAs is a high-level design tool that allows engineers to accomplish high performance DSP systems using Model-Based Design. DSP Builder integrates Simulink® with Intel Quartus Prime design software, creating a workflow for configuring Intel FPGAs. DSP Builder includes both a hardware-optimized Standard Blockset and Advanced Blockset for use within the Simulink Library Browser.

DSP Builder Advanced Blockset is a constraint-driven, behavioral Model-Based Design environment, offering significant advantages in terms of design management and productivity for designing complex signal processing systems. Some of the key features of DSP Builder Advanced Blockset include:

  • Constraint-driven design
  • Automated resource sharing
  • Automated pipelining
  • Supports scaler, vector, and complex abstract data types
  • Model silicon speeds while translating to HDL
  • Support high-performance floating-point designs

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