Waijung 2 for ESP32

Code generation target for ESP32 and FiO Glide IoT hardware kits


  • Model-Based Design technology enabling rapid development of Internet of Things (IoT) devices 
  • Easily deploy your MATLAB and Simulink models onto low-cost IoT hardware (ESP32)
  • Support wireless (Wi-Fi) External Mode and Processor-in-the-Loop simulation
  • Embedded Coder target for ESP32 MCU architecture
  • Integrated support for all ESP32 IoT hardware, including the FiO Glide ESP32 kits
  • Comprehensive blockset provides support for device driver peripherals


Aimagin provides integrated hardware and software products enabling rapid development of Internet of Things (IoT) devices using Model-Based Design.

The Waijung 2 (for ESP32) software is an Embedded Coder target that enables code generation for the popular, low-cost ESP32 microcontroller, including Aimagin's FiO Glide-based hardware modules. Aimagin provides custom ESP32-based hardware, including the aMG FiO Glide ESP32 module and the FiO Glide ESP32 Starter Kit. Waijung 2 has been designed to cover uses from classroom settings, advanced research and development, and industrial mass production.

Waijung 2 provides comprehensive device driver blocks for the supported target hardware. Waijung 2 aims to offer benefits to users by leveraging three core technologies: Model-Based Design, low-cost and powerful hardware, and IoT technologies. Students can learn about Model-Based Design and IoT using one of the most popular and low-cost IoT hardware platforms that is suitable for mass production.

Researchers and industrial users can create IoT or non-IoT devices from a range of either low-cost or high-end hardware. The Aimagin products extend the use of MATLAB and Simulink to new embedded processor architectures (ESP32) and the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) field.

Waijung 2 for ESP is a Simulink blockset that provides an Embedded Coder target for ESP32 microcontrollers.


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