Fuzzy Logic Toolbox


Fuzzy Logic Toolbox

Design and simulate fuzzy logic systems

Fuzzy Logic Designer

Use the Fuzzy Logic Designer app or command-line functions to interactively design and simulate fuzzy inference systems. Define input and output variables and membership functions. Specify fuzzy if-then rules. Evaluate your fuzzy inference system across multiple input combinations.

Fuzzy Inference Systems (FIS)

Implement Mamdani and Sugeno fuzzy inference systems. Convert from a Mamdani system to a Sugeno system or vice versa, to create and compare multiple designs. Additionally, implement complex fuzzy inference systems as a collection of smaller interconnected fuzzy systems using fuzzy trees.

Type-2 Fuzzy Logic

Create and evaluate interval type-2 fuzzy inference systems with additional membership function uncertainty. Create type-2 Mamdani and Sugeno fuzzy inference systems using the Fuzzy Logic Designer app or using toolbox functions.

Fuzzy Inference System Tuning

Tune membership function parameters and rules of a single fuzzy inference system or of a fuzzy tree using genetic algorithms, particle swarm optimization, and other Global Optimization Toolbox tuning methods. Train Sugeno fuzzy inference systems using neuro-adaptive learning techniques similar to those used for training neural networks.

Fuzzy Clustering

Find clusters in input/output data using fuzzy c-means or subtractive clustering. Use the resulting cluster information to generate a Sugeno-type fuzzy inference system that models the input/output data behavior.

Fuzzy Logic in Simulink

Evaluate and test the performance of your fuzzy inference system in Simulink using the Fuzzy Logic Controller block. Implement your fuzzy inference system as part of a larger system model in Simulink for system-level simulation and code generation.

Fuzzy Logic Deployment

Implement your fuzzy inference system in Simulink and generate C/C++ code or IEC61131-3 Structured Text using Simulink Coder or Simulink PLC Coder, respectively. Use MATLAB Coder to generate C/C++ code from fuzzy inference systems implemented in MATLAB. Alternatively, compile your fuzzy inference system as a standalone application using MATLAB Compiler.

Fuzzy Logic for Explainable AI

Use fuzzy inference systems as support systems to explain the input-output relationships modeled by an AI-based black-box system. Interpret the decision-making process of a black-box model using the explainable rule base of your fuzzy inference system.

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