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UAV Toolbox

Design, simulate, and deploy UAV applications

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Reference Applications

Use reference applications as a basis for developing UAV applications. UAV Toolbox provides reference examples including UAV package delivery with obstacle avoidance.

Jumpstart the design of your UAV applications with customizable reference applications.

Simulate UAV package delivery with sensor readings.

UAV Scenario Simulation

Author UAV scenarios, incorporate sensor models, and generate synthetic data to test autonomous flight algorithms in simulated environments.

Cuboid UAV Simulation

Construct UAV scenarios for cuboid-based simulations and test autonomous flight algorithms while simulating readings from GPS, INS, and lidar sensors.

Simulate UAV flight in customizable cuboid scenarios.

Unreal Engine UAV Simulation

Develop, test, and visualize UAV autonomous flight algorithms in a 3D simulated environment rendered using the Unreal Engine® from Epic Games® while generating high-fidelity camera and lidar sensor data.

Simulate scenes, vehicles, and sensors in a 3D environment rendered by Unreal Engine.

Flight Log Analysis

Import and visualize flight telemetry logs.

Flight Log Analyzer App

Import log files in TLOG, ULOG, and custom file formats, and then interactively visualize and analyze the imported data with customizable plots.

Interactively analyze telemetry data with the Flight Log Analyzer app.

Visualization and Playback

Use predefined and customizable plots to synchronize and visualize telemetry log data.

Plot generated from telemetry log data.

UAV Motion Planning and Control

Design and simulate autonomous missions for fixed-wing and multirotor UAV with waypoint following, orbiting, and path management.

Guidance and Control

Simulate a fixed-wing or multirotor UAV using a reduced-order guidance model that approximates a closed-loop autopilot controller.

Represent a fixed-wing or multirotor UAV as a reduced-order guidance model with the Guidance Model block.

UAV Missions

Plan and simulate autonomous UAV missions using waypoint following, orbit following, and customizable path planning algorithms.

Design and simulate a waypoint following controller for a fixed-wing UAV.

Connectivity and Deployment

Communicate with UAV hardware using the MAVLink protocol and deploy to target hardware.

MAVLink Connectivity

Connect with UAV hardware to exchange messages and to inspect the list of topics, connections, and clients using the Micro Air Vehicle Link (MAVLink) communication protocol.

Use the MAVLink protocol to communicate with UAV hardware and tune UAV parameters.

PX4 Autopilots

Access Pixhawk Autopilot peripherals during simulation on the PX4® host target with UAV Toolbox Support Package for PX4 Autopilots. Use Embedded Coder to build and deploy flight control algorithms to Pixhawk Autopilots.

Design flight control algorithms and deploy to Pixhawk Autopilots.