Teach with MATLAB and Simulink

Resources for Educators


Adapt interactive teaching materials developed by MathWorks and other educators that include flexible, easily modified live scripts.


Guide students and help them understand technical concepts using industry-specific examples and apps built into MATLAB.




MATLAB Grader lets you scale assessments and automatically grade MATLAB coding assignments. You can integrate MATLAB Grader into learning management systems (LMSs) that use the Learning Tools Interoperability standard.

Executable Notebooks

Use Live Editor to create scripts that combine code, equations, and formatted text. Students can make lab reports or electronic lab notebooks based in MATLAB code that document workflows, analyze data, and generate figures.


MATLAB and Simulink support popular low-cost hardware from vendors such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, STMicroelectronics, and Texas Instruments. Hands-on learning allows students to create cool projects while building valuable expertise.


Use existing apps inside MATLAB and Simulink as the basis for a virtual laboratory or create your own with App Designer. Students are empowered to experiment and learn engineering concepts without focusing on the code or software-specific skills.


How-to videos use examples and demonstrations to introduce interesting projects and new features.

Cloud-Based Access

Use MATLAB and Simulink directly in your web browser, with no downloads or installations needed. Store and share course material and assignments online using MATLAB Drive. You and your students can access files from any device running MATLAB Mobile.

Training Courses

For Teachers

Teaching with MATLAB is designed for educators who want to create engaging, scalable instruction with MathWorks online learning tools. Five self-paced lessons will help you get started.

For Students

You can assign interactive online MATLAB and Simulink tutorials to students as part of a course or a prerequisite.