Filter Design



fdatool Open Filter Design and Analysis Tool
filterbuilder GUI-based filter design
fvtool Open Filter Visualization Tool
design Apply design method to filter specification object
designMultirateFIR Multirate FIR filter design
fdesign Filter specification object
fdesign.bandpass Bandpass filter specification object
fdesign.bandstop Bandstop filter specification object
fdesign.highpass Highpass filter specification object
fdesign.lowpass Lowpass filter specification
fdesign.decimator Decimator filter specification object
fdesign.interpolator Interpolator filter specification
fdesign.rsrc Rational-factor sample-rate converter specification
fdesign.arbmag Arbitrary response magnitude filter specification object
fdesign.arbmagnphase Arbitrary response magnitude and phase filter specification object
fdesign.ciccomp CIC compensator filter specification object
fdesign.comb IIR comb filter specification object
fdesign.differentiator Differentiator filter specification object
fdesign.fracdelay Fractional delay filter specification object
fdesign.halfband Halfband filter specification object
fdesign.hilbert Hilbert filter specification object
fdesign.isinchp Inverse sinc highpass filter specification
fdesign.isinclp Inverse sinc lowpass filter specification
fdesign.notch Notch filter specification
fdesign.nyquist Nyquist filter specification
fdesign.peak Peak filter specification
fdesign.polysrc Construct polynomial sample-rate converter (POLYSRC) filter designer
designmethods Methods available for designing filter from specification object
designopts Valid input arguments and values for specification object and method
freqsamp Real or complex frequency-sampled FIR filter from specification object
help Help for design method with filter specification
setspecs Specifications for filter specification object
validstructures Structures for specification object with design method
ca2tf Convert coupled allpass filter to transfer function form
cl2tf Convert coupled allpass lattice to transfer function form
fircband Constrained-band equiripple FIR filter
firceqrip Constrained equiripple FIR filter
fireqint Equiripple FIR interpolators
firgr Parks-McClellan FIR filter
firhalfband Halfband FIR filter
firlpnorm Least P-norm optimal FIR filter
firls Least-square linear-phase FIR filter design
firminphase Minimum-phase FIR spectral factor
firnyquist Lowpass Nyquist (Lth-band) FIR filter
firpr2chfb Two-channel FIR filter bank for perfect reconstruction
ifir Interpolated FIR filter from filter specification
iircomb IIR comb notch or peak filter
iirgrpdelay Optimal IIR filter with prescribed group-delay
iirlpnorm Least P-norm optimal IIR filter
iirlpnormc Constrained least Pth-norm optimal IIR filter
iirnotch Second-order IIR notch filter
iirpeak Second-order IIR peak or resonator filter


Arbitrary Response Filter Design arbitrary response filter
Bandpass Filter Design bandpass filter
Bandstop Filter Design bandstop filter
CIC Filter Design Cascaded Integrator-Comb (CIC) Filter
CIC Compensation Decimator Compensate for CIC filter using FIR decimator
CIC Compensation Interpolator Compensate for CIC filter using FIR interpolator
Comb Filter Design comb Filter
Differentiator Filter Direct form FIR fullband differentiator filter
Halfband Filter Design halfband filter
FIR Halfband Decimator Decimate signal using polyphase FIR halfband filter
FIR Halfband Interpolator Interpolate signal using polyphase FIR half band filter
Halfband Filter Design halfband filter
Highpass Filter Design FIR or IIR highpass filter
IIR Halfband Decimator Decimate signal using polyphase IIR halfband filter
IIR Halfband Interpolator Interpolate signal using polyphase IIR halfband filter
Hilbert Filter Design Hilbert filter
Inverse Sinc Filter Design inverse sinc filter
Lowpass Filter Design FIR or IIR lowpass filter
Notch-Peak Filter Design second-order tunable notching and peaking IIR filter
Nyquist Filter Design Nyquist filter
Variable Bandwidth FIR Filter Design tunable bandwidth FIR filter
Variable Bandwidth IIR Filter Design tunable bandwidth IIR filter
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