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Get list of openings for slLinearizer or slTuner interface


op_names = getOpenings(s)



op_names = getOpenings(s) returns the names of the permanent openings of s, which can be either an slLinearizer interface or an slTuner interface.


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Open the scdcascade model.

mdl = 'scdcascade';

Create an slLinearizer interface to the model, and add some analysis points to the interface.

sllin = slLinearizer(mdl,{'u1','y1'});

Suppose you are interested in analyzing only the inner loop. To do so, add y1m as a permanent opening of sllin.


In larger models, you may want to open multiple loops to isolate the system of interest.

After performing some additional steps, such as adding more points of interest and extracting transfer functions, suppose you want a list of all the openings of sllin.

op_names = getOpenings(sllin)
op_names =

  1x1 cell array


Input Arguments

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Interface to a Simulink model, specified as either an slLinearizer interface or an slTuner interface.

Output Arguments

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Permanent opening names, returned as a cell array of character vectors.

Each entry of op_names follows the pattern, full block path/outport number/[signal name].

Introduced in R2014a