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Data, Events, and Messages

Configure input and output signals, event triggers, and messages

Stateflow® shares data with your Simulink® model through input and output ports. You can trigger your Stateflow chart from events in Simulink. From Stateflow, you can output events to activate Simulink subsystems. You can model conditional and time-based logic to call Simulink and MATLAB functions.


  • Input and Output Data
    Create inputs from and outputs to Simulink models
  • Parameters
    Share parameters with the MATLAB® workspace to avoid hard-coded values
  • Active State Data
    Output self, child, or leaf active state data to monitor chart activity
  • Data Store Memory
    Share global data across multiple charts or models
  • Bus Signals
    Manage large data structures
  • Events
    Create triggers to activate other systems
  • Messages
    Send messages to pass data between charts
  • Masking
    Use masking to control chart parameters and map data across chart levels