The ARP-4754 standard addresses the systems engineering aspects of aircraft certification including systems requirements, requirements validation, systems design, and system verification. It is supported by DO-178, which specifies objectives for flight software certification, and DO-254, which specifies objectives for flight hardware certification. ARP-4754A, released in 2010, provides information about the use of modeling and simulation for requirements capture, prototyping, and requirements validation.

Satisfying the objectives of standards such as ARP-4754, DO-178, and DO-254 can be time-consuming and expensive because it requires rigorous and well-documented verification activities.

Using Model-Based Design, engineers can satisfy ARP-4754 objectives while realizing cost and time-to-market benefits associated with early verification of requirements, automated linking to requirements, model simulation and analysis, model standards checking, report artifact generation, and test case reuse.

MATLAB, System Composer, Simulink support Model-Based Design for ARP-4754 as illustrated below.

“Modeling with Simulink is instrumental to our team’s ARP 4754 work, specifically validating system-level requirements, developing requirements-based tests, and defining low-level software requirements that our supplier uses to produce DO-178 Level A flight code using Simulink and Embedded Coder.”

Rodrigo Fontes Souto, Embraer

ARP-4754 Standards with MATLAB and Simulink