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Programming Apps

Write code that controls app behavior

Write callbacks to control the interactive behavior of an app. Manage startup tasks and share data within apps.


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guideCreate or edit UI file in GUIDE
uiwaitBlock program execution and wait to resume
uiresumeResume execution of blocked program
waitforBlock execution and wait for condition
waitforbuttonpressWait for click or key press
closereqDefault figure close request function
getappdataRetrieve application-defined data
setappdataStore application-defined data
isappdataTrue if application-defined data exists
rmappdataRemove application-defined data
guidataStore or retrieve UI data
guihandlesCreate structure containing all child objects of Figure
uisetprefManage preferences used in uigetpref


Code Functionality into Your App

Write Callbacks for Apps Created Programmatically

Learn about writing callbacks to control the behavior of apps you create programmatically.

Write Callbacks in GUIDE

Learn about writing callbacks to control the behavior of apps you create in GUIDE.

Callbacks for Specific Components

Learn how to program specific functionality for different components.

Share Data Among Callbacks

Learn different ways to manage and share data in your app.

Initialize a Programmatic App

Learn how to initialize property values and set defaults before the UI displays.

Initialize UI Components in GUIDE Apps

Learn how to initialize UI components and set defaults in your GUIDE app.

Interrupt Callback Execution

Learn how to control whether callbacks can be interrupted by other callbacks.

Structure of Programmatic App Code Files

Learn how to organize your app code.

Sample Apps

GUIDE App Containing Tables and Plots

Examine a GUIDE app that displays tabular data and two plots.

Modal Dialog Box in GUIDE

Create a modal dialog box to confirm an operation.

Interactive List Box App in GUIDE

Examine a GUIDE app displays a list box that users can interact with.

GUIDE App With Parameters for Displaying Plots

Examine a GUIDE App that analyzes input data and generates frequency and time domain plots.

Plot Workspace Variables in a GUIDE App

Examine a GUIDE app that plots workspace variables.

Automatically Refresh Plot in a GUIDE App

Examine a GUIDE app that uses a timer object to continuously update plot data.

Programmatic App that Displays a Table

This example shows how to create a table in an app using the uitable function.