Software-defined radio active learning module


  • Portable, cost-effective, self-contained RF learning and experimentation platform
  • Based on Analog Devices® AD9363 highly integrated RF agile transceiver and Xilinx Zynq® Z-7010 FPGA
  • RF coverage from 325 MHz to 3.8 GHz, with up to 20 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth
  • One transmitter and one receiver, half or full duplex
  • MATLAB® and Simulink® support
  • HDL Coder™ targeting support


The ADALM-PLUTO Active Learning Module (PlutoSDR) is an easy-to-use tool available from Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) that can be used to introduce fundamentals of software-defined radio (SDR) or radio frequency (RF) or communications as advanced topics in electrical engineering in a self- or instructor-led setting. The PlutoSDR allows students to better understand the real-world RF around them, and is applicable for all students at all levels, from all backgrounds. Early learning in a hands-on manner with the PlutoSDR will ensure a solid foundation for students to build on as they pursue science, technology, or engineering degrees.

The PlutoSDR Active Learning Module is a tool that closes the relationship between theory and practical radio frequency activities of the user. It provides a personal portable lab that, when used with a host, can augment the learning that takes place in the classroom. A variety of software packages such as MATLAB or Simulink provide an innovative graphical user interface (GUI), allowing intuitive usage and minimizing the learning curve, enabling students to learn faster, work smarter, and explore more!

ADI also offers the textbook Software-Defined Radio For Engineers, which covers the basics of practical wireless communications centered around using PlutoSDR with MATLAB. This combination of theory, hardware, and software allows students to transition in a controlled way from math to simulation to hardware. The materials reinforce concepts as students learn how to build a complete over-the-air receiver. For instructors, lecture notes, MATLAB examples, and labs are also available to supplement new and existing curriculum.

The Communications Toolbox Support Package for Analog Devices ADALM-PLUTO Radio (PlutoSDR) enables you to use MATLAB and Simulink to prototype, verify, and test practical wireless systems. Using this support package with a PlutoSDR, you can work with live RF signals such as FM radio, airplane surveillance signals (ADS-B), and WLAN signals. This enables you to test your design under real-world conditions. The support package can be downloaded from the MathWorks File Exchange.

For advanced users, ADI offers an open toolbox that allows access to additional functionality of the AD9363 transceiver inside PlutoSDR. This toolbox, the Analog Devices Board Support Package, also provides HDL targeting support for those looking to leverage PlutoSDR’s FPGA for additional signal processing with HDL Coder.

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