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MATLAB and Simulink for Process Optimization and Automation

MATLAB and Simulink enable rapid testing and assessment of technical and operational processes at subsurface, surface, field, plant, or asset level to optimize production performance, minimize operating costs and downtime, and maximize return on investment.

With MATLAB and Simulink, you can:

  • Customize and scale up the design, modeling, and simulation of dynamic, multi-physics systems at component, equipment, production line, or asset level
  • Speed-up big data analysis with computer vision (image and signal processing), data science (AI, machine learning, and deep learning), and high-power computing (HPC) capabilities
  • Interconnect with external software applications, create your own applications, or let MATLAB code generator and compiler products do the work for you
Illustration shows digital modeling, simulation, optimization, and automation used with MATLAB and Simulink.

Upstream and Downstream Energy Processes

Process optimization is fully customizable with MATLAB and Simulink. These platforms can help you digitize, integrate, and automate your upstream and downstream processes using:


Process Optimization Applications

Model Predictive Control

System Identification

Process Control

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