Hardware Support

AMD SoC Device Support from Simulink

Develop hardware / software applications for AMD Zynq SoCs and Versal Adaptive SoCs

Use Model-Based Design with MATLAB and Simulink to reduce the time required to develop hardware/software applications on AMD Zynq™ SoCs and AMD Versal™ Adaptive SoCs.

Develop hardware-only or software-only algorithms on FPGAs and SoCs using HDL Coder and Embedded Coder

  • Generate IP cores for the programmable logic portion of SoC devices
  • Integrate generated IP cores into board reference designs
  • Generate software interfaces for IP cores

Develop hardware/software applications on SoCs using SoC Blockset

  • Model, simulate, and analyze SoC hardware/software architectures
  • Build and deploy complete applications for SoC boards using HDL Coder and Embedded Coder
  • Configure memories and I/O peripherals for commercially-available and custom SoC boards

Learn more about the capabilities that HDL Coder and SoC Blockset support for modeling, simulation, prototyping, and deployment of hardware/software algorithms for Zynq SoCs and Versal Adaptive SoCs.