Analog Devices RF Transceivers

AD9361, AD9363, AD9364, AD9371, AD9375, ADRV9008-1, ADRV9008-2, ADRV9009


  • Behavioral models of hardware for complete end-to-end simulation
  • Hardware interfaces to feed real-world signals into algorithms
  • FPGA and C/C++ Targeting support into validated reference designs
  • Open and extensible codebases designed for end-user customization


Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) provides a wide variety of RF solutions, from discrete components to fully integrated systems with extreme analog and digital performance. However, the advanced feature sets of highly integrated RF devices can make them complex to use and integrate. Therefore, ADI has worked with MathWorks to provide an extensive ecosystem of workflow solutions for customers to both simplify and accelerate their development cycles from initial evaluation to production. Workflow solutions are built around several tools, models, interfaces, and references designs, which help make end users more productive and their projects more successful.

For the AD9361 and AD9371 transceivers, ADI and MathWorks have built and verified behavioral simulation models of the physical hardware. These RF transceiver models are built with RF Blockset™ and have been validated in the lab with power spectral and waveform measurements. The models reproduce the transceivers’ noise and nonlinearity at different frequencies and power levels. These models are powerful tools for general link-budget analysis, fine-tuning device of configurations, and understanding transceiver dynamics in a controlled environment, providing a complete end-to-end simulation of a user’s signal processing algorithms without hardware. The device models can be downloaded from the MathWorks File Exchange, and are available in MATLAB® through the Add-On Explorer.

Configuration information and DAC/ADC data from the RF hardware can be streamed straight into algorithms running in MATLAB or Simulink®. Any evaluation system or custom hardware running the ADI Linux libIIO driver stack can utilize MATLAB System objects™ and Simulink blocks to control ADI hardware. Select AD9361-, AD9363-, and AD9364-based evaluation boards and module-based hardware platforms are supported by MathWorks with the Xilinx Zynq-Based Radio Support Package and ADALM-PLUTO Radio Support Package.  Additional platforms are supported by ADI-developed Board Support Packages (BSP). Both MathWorks Support Packages and ADI BSPs offer data streaming into MATLAB and Simulink to validate algorithms with real-world data, as well as FPGA Targeting support. The ADI BSPs have an open codebase if users wish to extend functionality of the MATLAB interfaces or the FPGA reference designs. 

For users looking to deploy code onto FPGAs and embedded CPUs, ADI has worked with MathWorks to provide tools that integrate code from HDL Coder™ and Embedded Coder® into ADI’s open reference designs. This provides a fast prototyping solution for users to quickly test and verify their algorithms on embedded hardware. This FPGA and C/C++ Targeting support is provided directly through MathWorks with the Xilinx Zynq-Based Radio Support Package.

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