R2020a at a Glance


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Release Highlights

Share MATLAB apps and Simulink simulations as browser-based web apps.

Share simulations as standalone executables, web apps, and Functional Mockup Units (FMUs).

Manage multiple deep learning experiments, keep track of training parameters, and analyze and compare results and code with the new Experiment Manager App.

Design, simulate, test, and verify wireless communications systems.

C/C++ Code Generation

MATLAB Coder: Generate C++ classes from MATLAB classes

Embedded Coder: Generate C/C++ Code for Software Compositions with Message-Based Communication

Fixed-Point Designer: Explore signal ranges and convert Simulink models using data type optimization

Create driving scenarios using road data from HERE HD Live Maps; generate code with AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform Release 19-03; and optimize transmission shift schedules.


Updates by Product

MATLAB Product Family


  • File Encoding: Save MATLAB code files and other plain text files as UTF-8 encoded files by default
  • Graphics:
    • boxchart: Create box plots to visualize grouped numeric data
    • tiledlayout Function: Position, nest, and change the grid size of layouts
    • ChartContainer Class: Develop charts that display a tiling of Cartesian, polar, or geographic plot
  • Live Editor Tasks: Interactively retime or synchronize timetables, and stack or unstack table variables

Financial Instruments Toolbox

  • Pricing and Valuation: price various types of financial instruments individually or collectively as a portfolio using new object-oriented framework.

Optimization Toolbox

  • Code Generation: Generate C/C++ code to solve quadratic programming problems with quadprog (requires MATLAB Coder)

Industrial Communication Toolbox

  • OPC UA Security: Connect to OPC UA servers over secure connections and configure security settings

Predictive Maintenance Toolbox

  • Diagnostic Feature Designer App: Generate MATLAB code from the App to automate signal processing, feature extraction, and feature ranking tasks

Symbolic Math Toolbox

  • Live Editor Tasks: Interactively solve equations, simplify symbolic expressions, and generate MATLAB code in a live script

MATLAB Web App Server

  • A new product for sharing MATLAB apps and Simulink simulations as browser-based web apps

Statistics and Machine Learning

  • Automated Machine Learning (AutoML): Automatically select the best model and associated hyperparameters for classification (fitcauto)

Text Analytics Toolbox

  • Document Summarization: Extract summaries from text



  • Probe Block: Output block variables as signals during simulation
  • Numerical Solver Enhancement: Support wider range of high-differential-index problems for more robust simulation

Simscape Fluids

  • Isothermal Liquid Library: Model fluid systems using mass-based equations at constant temperature

Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Navigation Toolbox

  • Code Generation: Generate C/C++ code for localization and path planning including Monte Carlo Localization, Trajectory Optimization and Sampling-based planners
  • IMU and AHRS Simulink Blocks: Model inertial measurement unit using IMU Simulink block and estimate device orientation using AHRS Simulink block

Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox

  • Scenario Design: Interactively design tracking scenarios with an App

Simulink Product Family


  • Flexible Port Placement: Locate ports on any side, in any order, on Subsystems, Subsystem References, Model References, and Stateflow charts
  • C Function Block: Write C code to integrate external algorithms

Simulink 3D Animation

  • Full X3D support: Easily create, edit and view 3D scenes using the ISO standard X3D (Extensible 3D) file format

Simulink Compiler

  • A new product for sharing simulations as standalone executables, web apps, and Functional Mockup Units (FMUs)

Motor Control Blockset

  • A new product for designing and implementing motor control algorithms


  • Stateflow Variants: Use transitions as variant controls to add variability into your logic designs
  • Stateflow chart as test harness source and scheduler: Define complex test scenarios with Stateflow (requires Simulink Test)

System Composer

  • Requirement Linking: Link requirements to component ports, and components in Spotlight Views (requires Requirements Toolbox)
  • Spotlight views for AUTOSAR Architecture models: Create a diagram that focuses on a single AUTOSAR software component and its connectivity (requires AUTOSAR Blockset)

Aerospace Toolbox and Blockset

Computer Vision Toolbox

  • OpenCV Interface for Simulink: Integrate OpenCV library into Simulink block diagrams

Deep Learning

Deep Learning Toolbox

  • Experiment Manager App: Manage multiple deep learning experiments, keep track of training parameters, and analyze and compare results and code
  • Deep Network Designer App: Interactively train a network for image classification, generate MATLAB code for training, and access pretrained models

GPU Coder

  • Deep Learning Code Generation: Networks include single shot object detection (SSD), DarkNet-19 and NASNet-Large

Verification and Validation

Simulink Model Test and Verification Products

  • MAB 5.0 Support: Automate checking of models to MAB 5.0 modeling style guidelines with Simulink Check
  • Coverage for Requirements-Based Tests: Scope model coverage results to linked requirements in the Test Manager
  • Traceability Matrix: Review and analyze links between requirements, design or test in a matrix format with Requirements Toolbox
  • Post-Simulation Coverage Workflows: Use and create coverage filters from the Test Manager without rerunning simulations

Polyspace Code Verification Products

  • Performance Checkers: Check for coding practices that can cause performance issues in C++ code with Polyspace Bug Finder
  • Bug Tracking Tool Support: Create Redmine issues with Polyspace Access

Wireless Communications

5G Toolbox

  • 5G support in Wireless Waveform Generator App: Generate NR-TM, and uplink and downlink FRC waveforms using the Wireless Waveform Generator app

WLAN Toolbox

  • Support for IEEE 802.11ax Draft 4.1 (Wi-Fi6): Generate high-efficiency single-user (HE SU) null data packets (NDPs) with preamble puncturing, as defined in IEEE® P802.11ax™ Draft 4.1
  • Link-level simulation of IEEE 802.11ax Trigger-Based Format: Configure, generate, demodulate and decode high-efficiency trigger-based (HE TB) waveforms

Wireless HDL Toolbox

  • 5G NR Signal Synchronization Reference Application: Use Primary and Secondary Synchronization Signals (PSS/SSS) to detect connection to a valid cell

Code Generation


  • C++ Code: Generate C++ classes from MATLAB classes
  • C++ Code: Use dynamically allocated C++ arrays in generated function interfaces

Embedded Coder

  • C/C++ Code: Message-based communication for service functions and reusable subsystems

Fixed-Point Designer

  • Enhanced Fixed-Point Tool: Explore signal ranges in your designs and convert your Simulink models using data type optimization
  • Lookup Table Optimization: Iteratively redesign and compress lookup tables in batch, run lookup table optimization in parallel


Automated Driving Toolbox

  • HERE HD Live Map Roads in Scenarios: Create driving scenarios using imported road data from high-definition geographic maps

Powertrain Blockset

  • Transmission Control Module: Optimize shift schedules for algorithm design and performance, fuel economy, and emissions analysis

Vehicle Dynamics Blockset

  • Vehicle and Trailer Blocks: Implement 3DOF trailers and vehicles with three axles

AUTOSAR Blockset

  • Blocks for Function Inhibition Manager (FiM): Use preconfigured blocks for FiM to simulate BSW services together with your application software model.
  • AUTOSAR Adaptive 19-03 schema: Supports the 000047 (R19-03) schema for import and export of arxml files and generation of AUTOSAR-compatible C ++ code.

Signal Processing

Wavelet Toolbox

  • Time-Frequency Analysis: Use variational mode decomposition to extract intrinsic modes for nonstationary, nonlinear signals
  • Kingsbury Q-shift Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transforms: Perform shift-invariant and directionally sensitive discrete multiresolution analysis with minimal redundancy

Signal Processing Toolbox

  • Signal Labeler App: Perform interactive or automated signal labeling
  • Signal Datastores: Work with signal collections that exist in the workspace or in files