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Control Systems

Design, test, and implement control systems

FPGA Design and Codesign

Model, implement, and verify FPGA designs 

Power Electronics Control Design

Design and implement digital control for motors, power converters, and battery systems

Data Science  

Develop data-driven insights that lead to improved designs and decisions

Image Processing and Computer Vision

Acquire, process, and analyze images and video for algorithm development and system design 

Predictive Maintenance

Develop and deploy condition monitoring and predictive maintenance software

Deep Learning

Design, build, and visualize convolutional neural networks

Internet of Things

Connect embedded devices to the Internet and gain insight from your data


Turn robotics ideas and concepts into autonomous systems that work in the real world

Digital Signal Processing

Acquire, measure, and analyze signals from many sources


Design, optimize, and verify mechatronic systems

Test and Measurement

Acquire, analyze, and explore data and automate tests

Embedded Systems

Design, code, and verify embedded systems

Machine Learning

Discover patterns and build predictive models

Wireless Communications

Create, design, test, and verify wireless communications systems


Algorithm Development

Design algorithms for desktop and embedded applications

Discrete-Event Simulation

Optimize complex processes and distributed systems

Parallel Computing

Perform large-scale computations using multicore desktops, GPUs, clusters, grids, and clouds

Cloud Computing

Run products in the MathWorks Cloud as well as AWS, Azure, and other public clouds

Embedded Code Generation

Generate and verify embedded code for prototyping or production

Physical Modeling

Accelerate control design and system-level analysis with physical system models

Data Acquisition

Access data from many sources directly from MATLAB or Simulink

GPU Computing

Perform MATLAB computing on NVIDIA CUDA-enabled GPUs

Real-Time Simulation and Testing

Test control systems and signal processing algorithms on hardware in real time

Data Analysis

Explore, model, and visualize data

HDL Code Generation and Verification

Explore, implement, and verify FPGA, SoC, or ASIC designs without having to write HDL code

System Design and Simulation

Model and simulate all parts of your system in one multidomain environment

Desktop and Web Deployment

Use application deployment to share your MATLAB programs

Mathematical Modeling

Develop and optimize mathematical models of complex systems

Verification, Validation, and Test

Verify and validate embedded systems using Model-Based Design


Design and test air, space, naval, and land systems using industry-standard tools

Develop, simulate, and test electronics systems and devices

Process and analyze data, drive experiments, and simulate models of brain circuits

Develop automotive systems that meet industry requirements and standards

Energy Production

Develop and implement models, analyze big data, and automate processes

Import data, develop algorithms, debug code, scale up processing power, and more

Model, simulate, and analyze biological systems

Develop embedded control and signal processing applications for industrial and energy-related equipment

Model, simulate, and optimize railway applications

Perform data analysis and modeling throughout drug discovery, development, trials, and manufacturing

Create algorithms, prototype designs, and produce reports that can be used as evidence of regulatory compliance

Design analog, digital, and mixed-signal devices

Design and simulate communications systems

Analyze sensor data, implement control strategies, and create predictive maintenance systems

Explore and analyze data, develop algorithms, and deploy applications for software and internet systems

Analyze and understand complex geological trends