PhysioNet Challenge

Will Two Do? Varying Dimensions in Electrocardiography: the PhysioNet - Computing in Cardiology Challenge 2021

The goal of the 2021 PhysioNet Challenge is to identify clinical diagnoses from twelve-lead, six-lead (I, II, III, aVL, aVR, and aVF), three-lead (I, II, and V2) and two-lead (II and V5) ECG recordings. 

Participants are asked to design and implement a working algorithm that, based only on the provided twelve-lead ECG recordings and routine demographic data, can automatically identify any cardiac abnormalities present in the recording. Prizes are awarded for the top performing twelve-lead algorithm and the top performing two-lead and six-lead algorithms.

For more details, data and latest updates about the objectives of this year’s Challenge, please see:

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