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license problems "cheat sheet"

Asked by Walter Roberson
on 4 Jun 2018
Latest activity Answered by prasanth s on 13 Oct 2019 at 6:18
It can be a nuisance to find the meaning of the various license manager error codes, so I have summarized below. Numbered error codes that are not LME errors are listed in the table after that.
In many cases, the error number will be displayed twice to the user, with the first version being the major error number (such as "Error -15") and the second (less obvious) occurance having a more specific subcode (such as "Error -15,570") that acts to narrow down the cause of the error. In the below list, when subcodes are not known for a cause, the known causes are listed under the major error number; but when the subcode is known for the cause, the more specific cases are listed in numeric subcode order. This includes, for example, that the major cause of major error -9 is not listed directly in the error -9 paragraph, and is instead listed immediately afterwards in the error -9,57 paragraph. If you do not have a subcode available, review all of the entries with the same error major error number.
There are also some other numbered conditions with slightly different origins

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on 5 Jun 2018
+1. Thanks, Walter.

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Answer by prasanth s 28 minutes ago

Thanks for detailed data


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